Netflix, Bill Nye saves the world

For Netflix, Emmy-winning host Bill Nye brings experts and famous guests to his lab for a talk show exploring scientific issues that touch our lives. Correspondents Derek Muller and Karlie Kloss travel the world for location shooting.

LA based producer Bunim/Murray (Keeping up with the Kardahians, Mariah’s World) asked NPS to find and research Dutch artificial intelligence subjects. Of the five proposals we supplied they chose “The Next Rembrandt”.
For “The Next Rembrandt” project 350 paintings of Rembrandt were meticulously scanned and all the available data how Rembrandt painted was stored in the computer.
Then the computer was instructed to paint a new Rembrandt. The result is amazing. (Episode 3, Machines take over the world)

Episode 7 (Cheat Codes for Reality) shows how Serious Gaming is used to teach surgeons laparoscopy. The moves the surgeons need in the game are the same as they need in the operating theatre.
Once they master the game, they are ready for the real work. (Obviously they still need to know what an appendix is, but that is a different department).

In addition to the research, NPS took care of all the logistics of filming in the Netherlands. We were responsible for the location shooting for episode 3 and episode 7.

    • Production Company: Bunim/Murray
    • Director/Field producer: Rick Wilkinson