About us

Erik Fransman

Netherlands Production Services is
founded by Erik Fransman.
Please contact Erik.

The way Netherlands Production Services works is straight forward; we listen carefully to your needs and make it happen. Simple as that. We scout locations, organize castings, assemble crews and do anything to make your job easier. You do not have to worry about any of the logistics. That’s our job.

Filming in Holland is relatively easy. Sometimes you do not even need permits. That depends mainly on the size of the crew, the locations and if there is hinderance for the public.
But if we do need permits, we take care of it.

Anything is possible…. well almost anything.
Once we had a major American production and one of the storylines was about a fictional Dutch Prins Peter. One of the executive producers really wanted to shoot at the Royal Palace (where the Queen actually lived in those days). It could not be done. Obviously, we found a fantastic location to double as the Dutch Royal Palace…. (much nicer than the real Royal Palace)
For the rest, (almost) anything can be done.

What people who have worked with us have to say

You are incredibly thorough and this is greatly appreciated. I’ll plug these numbers into my budget and I have no problem dealing with local currency.
Thanks again.

Thank you again for an incredible shoot – very proud of what we accomplished here and feel sincerely that you empowered us to achieve it. Great work producing.
Thank you Erik.

You are by far my most favorite fixer of our World tour.

Karla Cavalli, Host Planet Primetime, Travel Channel Los Angeles

Thanks for your follow-up on these…. Very much appreciated!
Thanks for catching these mistakes, Erik.

It was a pleasure for me meeting you and this great team. I am really impressed by the organization of this video shoot, the different locations the perfect logistics and level of detail.
Thank you very much and best regards.

I have to say that you did excellently on site, your experience showed well, and should we need a location guy in Holland again we now know who to go to.

We landed in Texas last night after getting our interview in the UK in the morning.
I just wanted to properly thank you guys for the work, I was incredibly pleased with how the interviews looked and we got some great shots when we were working fast at the end.
Thanks again,

Wanted to thank you and the crew for all your hard work when our Living Abroad staff worked with you last year.  I think the Amsterdam show turned out awesome.  It’ll be fun to watch.
The series is scheduled to premiere in late August.  I don’t have an air date for your episode yet, but we will let you know.  Also, every time I see that “easy” button on my desk, I think of the good times in Amsterdam and the other trips we took on that show.  I really appreciate the daily reminder.
I hope you’re well.  Please give my best to everyone we worked with.  You guys are the best.
Thanks again,