Expedition Unkown

Discovery’s number one original series Expedition Unknown

In Travel Channel’s and now Discovery’s number one original series Expedition Unknown, avid adventurer Josh Gates sets out on a global journey to explore recent archaeological discoveries, historic mysteries, and fascinating legends. Josh immerses himself in each story,showcasing the work of dedicated field scientists and highlighting vibrant cultures and destinations archaeology, a quick wit, and a hunger for adventure, Gates features the latest developments in each location and embarks on an educational and entertaining journey.

More information on the Dutch episode will follow half 2019 after its first airing

  • On a very short notice we arranged local crew, cast, permits, locations.
    Among them a church, two piano concert players, a grand piano and logistics. 

    • Executive producer / director Josh Gates
    • Production Company: Travel the Globe, Los Angeles.

    • Field producer: Rich Alindogan
    • Line Producer/Fixer: Erik Fransman NPS Amsterdam